Friday, March 8, 2013

Are consumers ready for the sharing economy?

It's so GenY, isn't it? Not wanting to 'own' stuff anymore, but paying for it only if and when you use it... it works for cars (even in my home country), for holiday resorts, for working space... could it work for clothes, for computers or for your garden? Well, why not... As a recent article in The Economist explains, there are plenty of very good reasons to prefer rental over ownership, and these reasons are not limited to GenY, to be honest...

The idea is not new neither. A library does nothing else than 'sharing' books (for a fee), to take just one example. Maybe -and that's just my thought- the renewal of the sharing trend is just a way to get back to our very fundamental instincts... at any rate, it is a trend bound for amplification...

The New Sharing Economy

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