Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Will humans ever transcend biology? What would be the impact on the world's sustainability?

I know the whole discussion about the coming 'singularity' will sound like sci-fi crap to many of you. The very idea that technology (computing power, nanotechnology etc) is evolving exponentially is highly speculative indeed -what on earth is evolving exponentially forever? Nothing is...

Nevertheless, the question is still interesting: what if? What if technological advancement increases to such a point where computers start to think for themselves, where humans are enhanced to a point where they become semi-robotic. Sure, things like creativity and inspiration are human prerogatives, but they can take different forms and be put at better use when combined with robotics and computational power?

The problem with this whole idea of 'singularity' is that it starts from current trends and technological possibilities, but then project them in the future at an exponential growth rate. By doing so it becomes a 'scenario', not a fact. But still, it's an interesting scenario to think about, especially for its consequences on the sustainability of our world (see second video).

...for a clear explanation of the idea of singularity (and its relationship with sustainability), spend some minutes on this video:

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