Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How future-proof is the mission statement of your company?

Your mission statement is the cornerstone of your exposure to stakeholders. A mission statement -if consequently acted upon- is an instrument for your company to start and build a unique relationship with investors, future employees and loyal customers.

But does your mission statement reflect the changing requirements people have from businesses?

To check this, we've investigated the mission statement of 20 companies in 5 industries, and assessed them on 4 metrics:

  • GenY attractiveness: does the mission statement express values and purpose, drive and change, collaboration and solution-driven?
  • does the mission statement reflect a social responsibility and shared value?
  • does it express a purpose and a solution to one of the challenges linked to megatrends?
  • does it show a future direction or at least an understanding of the long-term business environment? 

The results for these 20 companies are in the presentation hereunder -please keep in mind this is a personal opinion, there's absolutely nothing scientific about it ;-) So if you disagree with me feel free to leave a note beneath!

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