Friday, January 13, 2012

Would you eat synthetic meat ?

The question is somewhat misleading, since the meat in question is not really synthetic, but rather 'artificially grown'... it would be made out of the same cells as 'real meet', and hence would have the same flavor and the same nutritive qualities... Beside this, it would have plenty of benefits:

  • no need to kill animals; 
  • no animals in danger if extinction (since we wouldn't need to kill them massively);
  • reduced pollution (cows are massive methane producers, but synthetic meat would reduce the amount of cows needed);
  • meat could be produced within (mega)cities, reducing the cost -and pollution- of transport;
  • sufficient amount of meat to satisfy the growing demand of the rising middle class in emerging markets.

So, if you consider these benefits (and assuming the production of meat could be done efficiently in the future), would you be in favor or against eating synthetic meat?

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