Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In the mind of young social entrepreneurs -how do they shape the future?

There's a number of debates and speeches from the WEF meeting of Davos worth following on Youtube. To me, however, this one with 4 young social entrepreneurs (the 'shapers') is undoubtedly the most interesting one. They're representing GenerationY now entering the labor market, so the views of these people on professional life and social structure is a good indicator of how the world will morph in the next decades.

The debate lasts 50 minutes, well worth watching but if you lack the time you might be helped with some of my observations:

  • when asked about the priorities society should set for itself, they come up with quite a diverse set of issues, from climate change to education;
  • they have a way of finding sound solutions to societal issues in surprising places -nonlinear thinking-, like favoring the availability of bandwidth (internet) over food and 'classical' aid programs in developing regions;
  • in their eyes, democracy and human evolution comes through collaboration, bottom-up decision taking and shared values (a term that is often mentioned);
  • leadership to them is defined by culture, values and a spirit of 'collectiveness'.

The 'global shapers' program of the World Economic Forum is a continuous effort bytheway, you can find regular updates and debates on its website (look for 'global shapers' in the 'community' tab).

Watch live streaming video from worldeconomicforum at livestream.com

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