Friday, December 23, 2011

The feasibility and cost of 'vertical farming'

I've been reporting on vertical farming in a previous blog already, but for those interested in the subject the video beneath just goes one step further in explaining the scientific feasibility of the idea, as explained by the guy who virtually imagined the whole concept of vertical farming: Dickson Despommier...

The only bottleneck remains the cost of such buildings, but sooner or later we'd need to weigh this financial cost against the cost (human, climatic AND financial) of feeding ever bigger urban cities. The result might show that vertical farming is actually very cheap...

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  1. Actually, Mr Despommiers idea is good, but the execution is very poor...I've worked on a new design in the past year that costs a fraction of what mr despommiers concept would cost to operate and, with added benefits in top... Te farm is being launched around sept 2012 in the Montreal area, in Canada.

    My company will be sending out press releases soon and will also organize a press conference...send me and email at if youd like to be kept up to date on the progress of this new wonder called The Exofarm.

    Khaled Majouji,
    President, In.Genius Group


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